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To order a commission you must first send a email with Commission Request in the subject line. Tell me what medium(illustration, watercolor or acrylic),  size, and type of surface for watercolor or acrylic that you want. Please include as much  detail as you can about what you want for your commission. Pictures are encouraged for reference.  A small rough concept will be sent prior to work beginning for approval. Once the concept sketch is approved, I will start work on your commission. Several work in progress shots will be sent to show the progression of the piece. When the commission is complete a picture of the piece will be sent for final approval. Once approved the commission will be framed, varnished or packaged,and shipped out.

Depending on what medium you choose, determines the length of time it takes for the piece to be completed. The minimum time for illustrations and watercolor pieces is 3 weeks from the concept sketch to approval. With an additional week for framing and shipping. Acrylic pieces can take up to 3 months to complete depending on the complexity of the piece.  Plus an additional week for varnishing and shipping. If you need a commission by a certain time frame, then please be sure to account for these timelines. 



Once the concept sketch is approved a PDF invoice for the total amount will be sent. This will include the price of the art commission, shipping, and any additional costs. A 50% deposit is required before any work will be begin. This is non-negotiable. Payment can be completed by credit card, debit card, or Pay-Pal.  Once the commission is completed and approved the rest of the total amount will be due. No artwork will be shipped out before the payment is completed.  Once the total is paid, then the artwork will be shipped out. No exceptions. ​

While pictures are encouraged for reference and inspiration, I cannot recreate another artists work. This would be copyright infringement. Fan art is fine, but no verbatim recreation of any licensed or copyrighted merchandise. You can request a character, but the character will be created in my unique style.  Personal photos are the exception to this rule. I will add a bit of my style to the painting to make it a unique piece of art. 

Unless otherwise stated, I reserve the right to use the commission piece for my portfolio, Instagram, website, and prints.  Not all commissions will be used as prints, any commission that involves a personal photo will not be used for prints. 


Each commission when shipped will come with a tracking number either through the USPS, Fed-Ex or UPS. This depends upon the destination and country. International shipping is open for commission pieces, however an additional shipping cost may be added for international parcels. Shipment may take any where from 3-7 days for the USA, and up to 2 weeks for international shipping. 


If you are unsatisfied with your commission and decide not to pay the total amount, then your 50% deposit minus 20% or $25 will be returned to you.  Do not ask for the completed artwork to be shipped to you.  If you want the art work, you will have to pay in full, NO EXCEPTIONS.​ 


Damaged Package- If a package arrives damaged and the artwork is damaged please email a picture of the damaged piece to yu.saena@gmail.com. Please title the email "Damaged Commission".  Include your name and the invoice number. I will do my best to ensure that the damaged piece is fixed.  

Lost Package- If a package never arrives please email your name, invoice number, and tracking number to yu.saena@gmail.com.  Please title the email " Lost Package". Attempts will be made to locate the package and ensure it's delivery to the proper location. If the package is lost permanently, since this is a one of kind piece, I will recreate the piece to the best of my ability.